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Hotel Millennium****

Type of accommodation:: Hotel
Address: Pécs 7625, Kalvária utca 58.
Telephone number:: +36-72/512-222
Fax number:: +36-72/512-223
E-mail:: E-mail
Contact person:: Balatoni Sándor

Introducing Text
Pécs, one of the major cities of Hungary is located in the southern part of the country. Thanks to the protective Mecsek mountains, lying north of the city, harsh weather conditions seldom bother locals. Temperate climate possesses a Mediterranean quality. Pécs is famous for its relics and culture of the past. The more than 2000 years old town is the home of art and culture and it is famous for the museums as well as for its artistic life. Pécs and his surrounding is also popular of a region for grapes and wine. The hotel is located, right above the downtown of Pécs, on the south part of the Kálvária hill, in the middle of a nature reservation. The hotel offers a spectacular view on the town and the neighbouring hills. In the three-storey building are 38 rooms available for our guests. There is a wellness-section, and a conference room too.

Additional information
Capacity (person): 85

season:-tól-igPrice (person/night)single-bed additional charge
Elő- utószezon standardNovember 01 -> March 311045017900
Elő- utószezon superiorNovember 01 -> March 311195020900
Főszezon standardApril 01 -> October 311245020900
Főszezon superiorApril 01 -> October 311345024900

Payment facilities

Cash money:
Bank Cards:
Credit Cards:
Hungarian traveller's check:

Money of account

Services and facilities
- 24-hour open reception
- Parking lot
- Garage
- Room-service
- Non-smoking room
- Panorama
- Pets allowed
- Suitable for wheelchairs
- Conference room
- Wellness
- Sauna
- Massage
- Table-tennis
- Own garden
- Barbecue
- Breakfast
- Vegetarian kitchen
- Restaurant
- Change money
- Washing mashine
- Car rent
- Organisation of Programmes

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  Wellness csomagok!
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Dudar festői szépségű település az egykor vadregényes, betyároknak menedéket nyújtó Bakonyban. A hegyek barlangokat rejtenek, az erdőt szurdokok, apró hegyi patakok teszik varázslatossá. A táj elbűvölő, harmonikus, a klíma kellemes. A falu lakói vendégszerető, kedves emberek.

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